No posts in May!

May has been a difficult month with a lot of craft discouragement from myself, many ebay purchases, and also fun times. I can't believe I've neglected this blog for so long, but with my new Husqvarna and all, it's been pretty great. Right now I'm listening to Andrew Jackson Jihad and trying to feel as great as I felt when I snuck out of California with Justin for 26 hours. I'm also wearing a ponch/cape/cuteness that Justin's great grandma gave me. Her godmother knitted it for her, and I can't believe it is so beautifully knitted. It is the best, the warmest, and the best summer outerwear I can think of. It's going to be perfect for Anacortes, WA (pictured below) in July. I have this paper to write that makes me feel like my brain is frozen, but that's okay. I made a few dresses and a couple stuffed animals, and everything in between that everyone should see, because they are pretty great. Going to the zoo a couple of weekends ago inspired me to love animals more. So more animals too.

Next up: listen to Simon and Garfunkel till my brain explodes.

Update: I've made a killer outline, and there is a helicopter flying in circles over my house and it is making me want to throw up. Sounds of motion sickness.

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