Few things.

Temporary construction walls at school. I find it absolutely gorgeous.

Mixed media-ing at Boone Children's Gallery with Ali and Caitlin.

Dale Chihuly's collection of blankets in San Francisco.

My new obsession is weaving. I made a loom with an old picture frame and I've been weaving all weekend. The colors are all wrong here because of the light, but I loved how it looked during sunset in Justin's room. I can't wait to finish this.

My favorite soy chai latte in Echo Park.


For John Green's birthday, Caitlin and I made a kite. We flew it and it was wonderful. Korean Bell is seriously an amazing place to fly kites. We giggled and flew kites, and my friends are so cute. I love it.

Don't forget to be awesome.

Lisa Frank

Doing crafts at Kirby's house was interesting because of we only made Lisa Frank things! She still had it from her childhood. Pretty much incredible. I miss Kirby and I miss Kirby's house. I miss craft nights, I'll bring them back!


Summer art class was so fun at work. Our Buffy addicted mind made Caitlin and I made Anthony look like Angel, and we did so many fun art projects together. It ended with going to Fun Factory with all the kids. I'm gonna miss it. Now we have art every Friday! Last Friday, the kids learned how to hand sew. Look how well they did!


Kathy's Kreations

I'm in San Francisco staying at the most awful hotel in the whole entire city. It smells bad, feels grimy, but I have a tummy full of Hunan food and saw a bunch of amazing things in museums all day. Then we get to the hotel, and Justin's grandma gives me this!

Money, Amex, shopping bag and cute stuff! I love it. Kathy's such a freak to make such a crazy pin. And the alliteration! I have the best grandma of the boyfriend ever. By the way, Justin's not on this trip. It's just grandma and Lydia. I have the funniest life.



Rest in peace Evil Cat.
I hope you enjoyed 18 years of being evil and cute.
I will miss you and your paw cross.
And getting a phone call from Justin saying you were gone was one of the saddest morning phone calls ever.
I love you as much as someone who is allergic to kitties can love a cat.


It's been so long since I've posted anything. I've already gone on my vacation, turned 20, and also created lots of new things. When I was in Portland I went to Yarnia for magical yarn and I also taught myself how to make arigurumi. School started and it's been kind of crazy so today I decided to make something.

I really enjoy making bunnies. In my family, and maybe in the Korean culture general, people compare their children's cuteness to that of bunnies. One year, I made my mom a "bunny made by her daughter who's as cute as bunnies" for mother's day, and I've made a few more for her since. I think I'm going to give it to my dad this time.