Upside down houses

I'm so into upside down structures, it is not even funny.



Happy Obama Day!

I've been obsessed with the Sampler making thing on American Girl website. Felicity is the best. I think these look so cute I can't handle it. Well Obama Day is so great I feel like my eyes are tearing up every time I think about it. I just heard Charlie Gibson talking about Sasha and Malia's coats and about how much fun Sasha probably had picking it out. This makes me so happy. Joe Biden's beautiful smile makes me happy. I'm so giggly and happy and excited and kind of nervous. They say there are 10 balls happening tonight in Obama's honor and he's expected to dance at each and every one of them. Hot.

I like them!

Some preview of my recent projects, including a professional African American man in honor of Obama.


New Year Crafts!

I doodled this lady in class when I was bored, and last night I carved linoleum of her face. It took 3 buffy episodes, but I think she's damn perfect.

My sister is modeling this headband I made. Cheap notions/weird appliques from SAS and vintage paisley trimming make perfect headbands. I've been wearing this a lot with my new poncho and the old Mexican boots from the ten dollar store.

My sister who is completely oblivious to all things craft bought this from Joann about a year ago. She still hasn't learned to use the sewing machine, so I made it for her. Why she wanted this tiny quilt, I do not know, but I think it's rather darling.