5th Wednesday : Absence.

This week I missed craft night because I was working on a set in the desert. While I was gone everything I've been waiting for came in the mail, including this lovely necklace off of Reform School. I am nervous to get the wool dirty/wet/etc. It's beautiful but today, I am feeling rather blue.

Ali and I dropped off some things at BFF and I am kind of nervous and excited at the same time. I hope they sell well and make me a millionaire!


Babe Lincoln

Ali and I have been in sewing frenzy, working hard for our new "company" that is temporarily called "Babe Lincoln." I screenprinted the Abe Lincoln image on burlap and little Abes are then turned into purses. I am just nervous that burlap purses won't sell since it isn't the softest fabric in the world but I think these are pretty bomb.


4th Wednesday : the Celebration

This is what craft night #4 looked like.

The usual crafters Ali, Justin, Julian and myself relocated to Ali's house and invited our friends Caitlin, Andy, Erin, David, Lori and Jeff to celebrate the one month anniversary of craft nights on Wednesdays. As always, I made some silly pins, and there is a picture of one of them. Ali worked on her crocheting, while Julian painted, Justin watercolored, Caitlin and Andy weaved bracelets, David painted patches, and Lori and Erin sat and entertained us. It is always nice to get together with friends, but it was especially nice because we had the craft juices, and plenty of wine of course, flowing through our minds. It was a beautiful night.


Yorkie on Ebay.

I was ebaying craft supplies when I stumbled onto this great collage. The dog with angel wings is my favorite.


Pins Pins Pins!

I am really into pins. Here's the latest one that I made with embroidered cross stitch fabric, the lid for a film canister, pinback, and a little bit of felt for the backing. I like it because you can embroider anything on it! Its thickness makes the pin stand out even more. I really like it. There are few pins I've made in the past that I really adore. These are some of them. They are made out of plastic maps, and miscellaneous lace, sequins, and tape measure. The tape measure one has West Hollywood and surrounding areas, and the heart shaped one has the city I live in on it. I like to support my hood!

Finger Puppets

I found a way to provide shelter for my finger puppets. It's quite crowded but as long as they are all together, they are happy! Look at that silly deformed fish with a claw on its tail!

I've been seeing a lot of crocheted finger puppets online and I want to acquire the skills to do that. I'm so impressed, and so obsessed with finger puppets.

It's raining out, and all I want to do is slosh around! Oh, and get a house of my own where I can put cozies on everything!

2nd & 3rd Wednesday : Care package and hats

I really look forward to Wednesdays because of craft night! Last Wednesday, we put together a care package for a friend far far away. Ali made a button bracelet, which was put together with embroidery floss and odd closure, and silly little paintings were made. For some reason doing crafts with close friends makes me really sleepy. On this Wednesday, we had a brief meeting rather than a session of fun, because I had to go see Mt. Eerie and Lloyd and Michael. It was a great show that I had been looking forward to for a while, but I had a hard time choosing music over crafts, since Ali and I talked about craft night since the previous one. It was a shame. We met at a local Joann store and picked out future projects that is hats. I guess that's important too. I hope the next one will be bomb. I've been crocheting non stop for a week, and made 3.5 hats. They are so cute!


I am really jealous of this.

There is a chance that I might be moving to Portland for the summer of 2008, and if that happens, it will be my goal to take advantage of all the craft that is going on there.

My boyfriend has a new project called Freedog, and I made shirts for the cause. It was my very first shirt printing experience, and I dug it a lot. I've been wearing mine for three days.

This is the closeup of the dog that is obviously very free.