It was such a beautiful morning!

Today I woke up at 8 am, squeezed lemons and made the personal best lemonade. I worked on my Tibet shirt design for a little bit then got dressed, put on my boots, and felt great. I went to Penzeys Spices aka the best place to be in the world, and spent a little too much money on spices. I'm so excited for my cinnamon sugar, adobo, cayenne, sweet curry and so much more! I can't wait. I went to Joann and returned my rotary cutter, and didn't spend any money! I looked around for future projects. Then I came home and tossed up some salad with the Italian dressing base I got at Pensey's, drank some lemonade, and felt even more amazing. Today was kind of like getting a taste of what life of a crafty housewife would be like. I read so many blogs written by lovely ladies who live in places like Portland with their two kids and cute husbands and dogs, that sew pretty things and make cute things and bake delicious looking cookies and cakes. I would imagine it would feel kind of like my day today to be them.

I must take a shower now and go to work, and break out of the day dream of being a full-time domestic goddess. Then off to the presses and print me some shirts!


New Cuteness

I am busy catching up with March worth of goodies. I've spent many hours making things this month and here they are.

1. Lovely loomed flower pins that I embarassingly and lazily didn't sew the pinbacks on to. I had to sew them as I sold them. I guess that was fine.

2. Vintage wooden button rings. I had hard time finding good buttons and ring parts in Downtown, and when I did it was like hitting the jackpot. It found an absolutely lovely stores filled with things I love. Here are some of them. I didn't finish assembling all of them, but when I do, there will be picture because they are so cute! I varnished with polyurethane and that made me feel like passing out, but the outcome is lovely.

3. Animal pins! I cut them out of shrinky dinks and baked them into their loveliness. They are awesome! The rabbit was sold, the cat was stolen by a lovely lady, and now I only have the doggie. I shall make more!

4. DIY pins! They were so popular. I also had people ask me what DIY was and that made me cringe a little bit inside. Not because I didn't want to explain it to them, but because I wish everyone in this world understood the importance of making. Not making money, and not making love, but making just to put a smile on your face. Anyways, since they were so popular, I am going to make more and maybe put then on my Etsy shop.

I also made some banner necklaces in the style of the pins, but they are not yet photographed. Most of them have been sold. I should learn to photograph things before they are gone!

I think I'm done now? It's pretty late and I feel crappy because at least one kid is always sick at my work, and they always make me sick. There are suuuuch ups and downs when it comes to working with kids I don't know if it is worth it or not. But I have a lot of fun telling kids about the difference between vegetarianism and veganism, and the conspiracy involving standardized tests. I like planting the seeds of rebellion in the minds of sheltered second generation Korean kids. I'm stoked about that.

I'm going to continue eating this disgusting yet somehow good soy jerky and attempt to design a free Tibet shirt, because what's happening in that side of the world right now is really pissing me off.

Dos Faires

Babe Lincoln successfully participated in two craft fairs last week! We were invited to set up at table at Marymount College's event. It was pretty exciting meeting all these young ladies who are eager to craft. I am thinking about starting a legitimate craft club. It's just a thought but we we'll see. There was a house show at Justin's Long Beach house so Ali, Stephanie, and I set up a little craft corner in the kitchen! The response was lovely. We debuted Babe Lincoln bandanas that were fresh off the presses. It was very fun. I sold out of my DIY pins!

We have a craft fair in mid April, and one in the beginning of May. This is really exciting. I can't wait. Summer dresses, craft fairs, lemonade, and everything wonderful! I can't ask for much more.

Craft Space

March has been a crazy month! It was really fast and it made me pretty ambitious. It started with organizing my craft space. These pictures were taken long before everything was messied again! Look at my little turtle. The sewing machine in the picture is broken, and instead of getting it fixed, I think I'm getting a new one. My my, I break a sewing machine every 3 year or so, and it's just getting ridiculous. I have to dip into my Portland fund to buy a sewing machine. I think not having a sewing machine makes me feel more inspired to sew. It's kind of driving me crazy. The discovery of Burdastyle.com didn't help either. I decided to make my entire summer outfits! T-shirt dresses with pockets and fanny packs and cut off shorts! That's going to be my look this year. Last year I attempted to do overall shorts, but it failed when I couldn't find a good pair. But this year I'm making my own so I shouldn't have that problem. I'm excited!


love love love!

This Valentine's day I made potato prints and made valentines. It was the best. I love the texture and the feeling of working with a potato. Then I made my mom a potholder as a Valentine's day present, and she likes it so much that she won't even use it.

My students at work have been so amazing and incredibly sweet (i.e. bringing me drawings "farm Elisa to Nicole teechar") so I made them a little presents. I am bringing these to them in 2 hours, and I am so nervous! I hope they go crazy over them.

The last week of February shirt was a hit. Everyone in class told me that it was my best shirt design yet. I like it too. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X? Can't go wrong.