Sometimes magical things just happen.

I started my day yesterday with going to the farmer's market and meeting up with Ali and Lori. We ate tamales and freaked out over how heavy my bag full of produce was. I went back to the flower stand and we all picked out our free flowers. Those daisies are one of my most favorite things in the world, so I was really happy to have one. I came home and went to work then to school, then met up with Ali and Lori again and guess what we found! There was a special windchime outside of Rite Aid. It was just like the flowers we got from the farmer's market. It made me feel good. That's all.

There's a craft fair in Gardon Grove I'm going to be a part of this Saturday. I haven't made anything new, so I'm kind of freaking out, but it's going to be amazing. I promise. Come if you dare!


Britex Fabrics!

Wow, wow. What an amazing place. I've always heard about this store and seeing it for myself changed my world. They had everything! How could a store carry all the Clover products I've only dreamed of and only checked out on the website? And all the beautiful fabric? Seeing them all at one place totally overwhelmed me. I wanted to max out my credit card but I stopped myself.

So I bought a bunch of cute piping, ribbon, tape things and cute watch buttons. They were all on sale. Britex reminded me of Florence's Fabrics that closed, and it was just a reminder how upset I am that the place is no longer in my life. I feel like such a craft geek when I freak out over things like this, but I will never forget this experience.

Oh, by the way San Francisco is treating me great.
I'll be back home tomorrow.



I've never been good with knitting but I think it's all about to change. Coke cozy. Hot shit.


As of today, I drive a Swedish car, sew on a Swedish sewing machine, and sleep under a Swedish blanket. It kind of creeps me out but I really do love Volvo, Husqvarna, and Ikea.

I sewed up a muslin dress and now it is being dyed over night. I can't wait to start sewing my summer dresses. Pictures later.

The dress that is cooking up in the bathroom right now better look as good as these from last October!

4 months of not having a sewing machine really killed me. Sewing all day everyday, starting now!



I am so happy. I love cute, sweet, soft, or delicious things, and try to surround myself with all things good. I got a blanket from Ikea that is the best ever. I had to choose between a dragon blanket or a lion blanket and I am a Leo and was born in the year of dragon, so it was a hard decision. I bought the lion and with help from Ali, I named Lionel Richie. Speaking of Lionel Richie, once I went to an estate sale and bought an obscene amount of yarn and things and the guy who was selling me the stuff gave me the music for Say you, say me for free. It was a good experience. Anyways, the blanket looks like this .
He is the cuddliest of all blankets. When I was buying the blanket Jeff told me he thinks by the time I am 30, I would have 80 blankets. That is also my personal goal. To have the warmest, cuddliest, softest, happiest blankets in the world on my bed! 

I've been cutting linoleum and printing things. This is my second design and my favorite so far. The first was  birthday cards for my dad and Annie with a bunny and a tree. I really like using the brayer. I am looking forward to printing more and more. 

Today I had a magical visit to Joann. I bought a bias tape maker, 3 different yo-yo makers, a quilting ruler, and a bone folder all for 40-50% off! It was amazing. I love Clover products, but I also love sale at Joann. 

Now sleepy time. Today is no farmers market and lunch with parents for dad's birthday day. 


Weekend pictures

#1 Indie rock girl serenade
#2 Discovering a glowstick in the trashcan
#3 Four hours of playing Wadjet

Shrinks with Babies

I suggested to my boss at work if we could do a project. She agreed to pay for the supplies and I finally got my wish! I made shrinky dinks with my kids at work! They are all in between ages 6-10 and they are so deprived of anything creative. Ever since I've been working there, I've always wanted to teach the kids art. Now that I've gotten the first project, second and third ones should come easier. The kids really liked making things with me. They thanked me and hugged me after we were done. I turned them into necklaces, and they went home wearing them! I hope we could do this again soon.

Craft Fair #5? #6?

We had another craft fair last Thursday. It was in a gallery in San Pedro. Everything looked beautiful and I met Eva aka really nice lady who makes pretty boxes. We had fun and Mexican food like we always do when we are anywhere. Another craft fair this weekend!


Brussel Sprouts

Cooking at Justin's house is really fun except their Ikea knives and tiny cutting boards are stupid. I made and ate brussel sprouts for the first time last Monday. I sprinkled some curry on it and it was heaven! I am going to frequent the farmers market because last Tuesday I had the best tamales and bought the best vegetables all for 13 dollars. I hope my visits to farmer's market is going to improve my cooking skills.

Free Tibet and Knitted Socks!

I finished my first pair of socks. They are so big for some reason that they fit Justin's stinky feet perfectly, but I don't feel like giving them to him because I'm strongly attached to my first pair of socks. I don't really like socks but I really like the ones I knitted that are 5 sizes too big.

Free Tibet shirt design is finished and I printed one shirt and it looks pretty cool. I really like printing things. I am going to be a print master one day!


I wish I've experienced more Easters in my life. There's no bunnies or eggs or anything involving none Jesus related things in Korea when I was kid. Maybe they do that now, but I have no idea. I know it's a little late, but I really did enjoy Easter at Justin's great grandma's house. I think it's all because bunny shaped coockies are amazing.