My Three Favorite Things.

1. Stationary at work is so pretty. The colors work so nicely, and my kids have such cool pencils and pens I'm jealous all the time.

2. The part of my school's library no one ever goes to. The art book section is in here, but it is always creepily empty and there is a door that makes squeaky noises and I'm just so nervous in there all the time. But I really do enjoy my school library.

3. I got into the ceramics class even though the semester is half way over. Oh how happy I am to be in that class. I'm really enjoying the hands on getting messy fun. Learning to use the wheel is really hard and everyone tries to help me but this surfer dude uses the word "vibe" to describe the techniques, so I can't help but to laugh all the time. I like everyone in this class.

The bowl.

My sister Claire took me to the Hollywood Bowl for Rumi's birthday bash hosted by Yo-Yo Ma, and it was absolutely spectacular. They projected beautiful patterns on the bowl, and it was so inspiring. So pretty so lovely. The night was absolutely amazing with chants and hand drums and cool men from the Middle East. My sister does nice things from me all the time. Yay!

Kid Van Gogh


Children's Van Gogh is absolutely fantastic. They called the tree in the foreground the "giant seaweed tower." I love my job so much lately. I've really getting the fulfillment of being a teacher. I might want to do that for living. All I know is I want to make art with little kids forever even if it's only every Friday.

I'm going to be a tree!

I made a garland for my Halloween costume. The dress I made for this occasion is absolutely perfect in my eyes. I'll post pictures soon. I love faux bois!