Sometimes magical things just happen.

I started my day yesterday with going to the farmer's market and meeting up with Ali and Lori. We ate tamales and freaked out over how heavy my bag full of produce was. I went back to the flower stand and we all picked out our free flowers. Those daisies are one of my most favorite things in the world, so I was really happy to have one. I came home and went to work then to school, then met up with Ali and Lori again and guess what we found! There was a special windchime outside of Rite Aid. It was just like the flowers we got from the farmer's market. It made me feel good. That's all.

There's a craft fair in Gardon Grove I'm going to be a part of this Saturday. I haven't made anything new, so I'm kind of freaking out, but it's going to be amazing. I promise. Come if you dare!

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