May has been full of crafts, but there are not enough photographs of them. Anyways, here are some images of May.

1. Slutty outfits made by sluts of my alma mater.
2. I can't believe I found a creek
3. Dad loves mountains
4. Squished penny collection
5. Persimmon is a beautiful color
6. A bag of cherries from my boss, she picked them herself
7. DIY carwashing
8. Greatgrandma’s house
9. A jumper I made in the mirror I found
10. Partying in LBC
11. Mother’s Day blockprint cards
12. The sky in the creek
13. My foot in the creek
14. AP with a Holga at the doctor’s office
15. A little surprise under the hood of Justin’s car
16. KD wearing a shirt I printed while playing
17. Lori’s weird bag
18. The beach on a hot day
19. Lori has problems
20. Playing games with kids
21. Van van van!
22. Jeff’s house in the springtime
23. Justin and a giant toilet

It was a great month!

Notice the black dot on the top right corner? My lens is broken. It is officially the dark corner camera.