I lost a couple rolls of film worth of pictures and I am infinitely worried. I sewed all Sunday long and managed to sew up my new favorite dress. On Friday, I made my new summer purse. Then on Saturday, I got my first sun burn of the summer. Tonight I'll watercolor. Pictures post tomorrow!


Hello there.

Long time no see, blog but I am back. Past three months have been kind of hectic with dreading school and hating work and being an emotional wreck. I'm back! I'm ready to DIY it up to the max. School is over in less than 40 hours and I am more stoked than ever. Here's a picture of a baby hat that was a byproduct of fair isle pattern I attempted to make (it was mailed to my only friend with a baby), a bowl full of ceramic earthworms that I made in class in order to overcome my fear of them, Chris putting yummies onto french toast almond butter "mini subs", a silly calendar of May I made while the kids were doing the same thing, a map full of silly words and a tree I decorated to celebrate spring. Oh in the picture with the hat, I sewed in the cuff with my favorite fabric in the entire world. I made two shirts with it already. Summer's here! I can tell because instead of pom poms, that tree has unripened plums!