Back from New York!

I just came back from New York a couple days ago. While I was there I was lucky to catch the opening of this amazing gathering of the world's cutest plushies. I couldn't afford the $160 felt camera, so I bought me an owl pin by kup kup land, just like this one. It looked so good on my coat. I loved it! It was so inspiring to see all these cute mommies with cute babies and their amazingly cute everything. I want to be one of those. All I want to do is craft, you know? Anyways, the New York trip was successful, and this weekend is Felt Club! Speaking of all these craft fairs, Ali and I will be in the BFF store's holiday craft fair. I am so excited so you should come. I just don't know when it is yet.

I'm going to go and craft for the first time in ten days!

Oh look at the silliness that happened while waiting for the train in New York. Justin's graphic designs have been really amazing lately. I'm inspired!


6th Wednesday: Halloween.

This week's craft night was spent making last minute Halloween costumes. I was a skunk, Ali was a "boy" scout, Justin was a kitty kat, Jeff was a bro, Lori was a broho, and Julian was an airman. It was not a very significant night, and I don't have any pictures to show.

Tonight I was supposed to have some work up in a gallery, but I really don't feel like it so I won't. I don't feel like I have any new work that I like. I think I'm in a slump.

Also, I will be gone for the next two craft nights, because I am hopping on a plane and going to New York!