Britex Fabrics!

Wow, wow. What an amazing place. I've always heard about this store and seeing it for myself changed my world. They had everything! How could a store carry all the Clover products I've only dreamed of and only checked out on the website? And all the beautiful fabric? Seeing them all at one place totally overwhelmed me. I wanted to max out my credit card but I stopped myself.

So I bought a bunch of cute piping, ribbon, tape things and cute watch buttons. They were all on sale. Britex reminded me of Florence's Fabrics that closed, and it was just a reminder how upset I am that the place is no longer in my life. I feel like such a craft geek when I freak out over things like this, but I will never forget this experience.

Oh, by the way San Francisco is treating me great.
I'll be back home tomorrow.

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yvonne said...

1. I miss Florence Fabrics so much.
2. So, I'm looking at your amazing crafties and you're getting really good at knitting.
3. I've always wanted to sell knitted doo-dad's but it's physically impossible to manufacture hand knitted items.
4. So I think we need to collab and make love and do it for real!
5. We've already made $10.

soooo we should do this. love me again!