New Cuteness

I am busy catching up with March worth of goodies. I've spent many hours making things this month and here they are.

1. Lovely loomed flower pins that I embarassingly and lazily didn't sew the pinbacks on to. I had to sew them as I sold them. I guess that was fine.

2. Vintage wooden button rings. I had hard time finding good buttons and ring parts in Downtown, and when I did it was like hitting the jackpot. It found an absolutely lovely stores filled with things I love. Here are some of them. I didn't finish assembling all of them, but when I do, there will be picture because they are so cute! I varnished with polyurethane and that made me feel like passing out, but the outcome is lovely.

3. Animal pins! I cut them out of shrinky dinks and baked them into their loveliness. They are awesome! The rabbit was sold, the cat was stolen by a lovely lady, and now I only have the doggie. I shall make more!

4. DIY pins! They were so popular. I also had people ask me what DIY was and that made me cringe a little bit inside. Not because I didn't want to explain it to them, but because I wish everyone in this world understood the importance of making. Not making money, and not making love, but making just to put a smile on your face. Anyways, since they were so popular, I am going to make more and maybe put then on my Etsy shop.

I also made some banner necklaces in the style of the pins, but they are not yet photographed. Most of them have been sold. I should learn to photograph things before they are gone!

I think I'm done now? It's pretty late and I feel crappy because at least one kid is always sick at my work, and they always make me sick. There are suuuuch ups and downs when it comes to working with kids I don't know if it is worth it or not. But I have a lot of fun telling kids about the difference between vegetarianism and veganism, and the conspiracy involving standardized tests. I like planting the seeds of rebellion in the minds of sheltered second generation Korean kids. I'm stoked about that.

I'm going to continue eating this disgusting yet somehow good soy jerky and attempt to design a free Tibet shirt, because what's happening in that side of the world right now is really pissing me off.

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