Craft Space

March has been a crazy month! It was really fast and it made me pretty ambitious. It started with organizing my craft space. These pictures were taken long before everything was messied again! Look at my little turtle. The sewing machine in the picture is broken, and instead of getting it fixed, I think I'm getting a new one. My my, I break a sewing machine every 3 year or so, and it's just getting ridiculous. I have to dip into my Portland fund to buy a sewing machine. I think not having a sewing machine makes me feel more inspired to sew. It's kind of driving me crazy. The discovery of Burdastyle.com didn't help either. I decided to make my entire summer outfits! T-shirt dresses with pockets and fanny packs and cut off shorts! That's going to be my look this year. Last year I attempted to do overall shorts, but it failed when I couldn't find a good pair. But this year I'm making my own so I shouldn't have that problem. I'm excited!

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