New Year Crafts!

I doodled this lady in class when I was bored, and last night I carved linoleum of her face. It took 3 buffy episodes, but I think she's damn perfect.

My sister is modeling this headband I made. Cheap notions/weird appliques from SAS and vintage paisley trimming make perfect headbands. I've been wearing this a lot with my new poncho and the old Mexican boots from the ten dollar store.

My sister who is completely oblivious to all things craft bought this from Joann about a year ago. She still hasn't learned to use the sewing machine, so I made it for her. Why she wanted this tiny quilt, I do not know, but I think it's rather darling.


mad said...

yay! i wanna make rubber stamps.
love you.


My name is Justin said...

rubber stamp portrait of my face!