Modge Collage

For my art class, I had to make a collage using all the design elements, blah blah, about yourself blah blah. I stayed up all night cutting cigarette boxes and decoupaging the hell out of everything. All the things on the collage were found in my room, just laying around, and I think that means I have too much crap. I guess it was worth it because it was really well received and I think it looks pretty badass. My art teacher man said "that looks like art" and tried to make me call myself an artist. I don't really want to seem like an ass and call myself an artist or a photographer, because that just sounds lame. I think I'm still only 20 to declare anything like that. I am just gonna be me and work it and see what happen. Modge Podge ruined my nails, but I did enjoy peeling the dried layer of stickies off my fingers while watching Buffy.

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