I'm free.

Today was the last day of school until January 5. It's a bummer I'm taking winter session but I'm gonna do it! I guess I might not go to Chicago tomorrow, it's still up in the air and I don't really care. To celebrate my freedom, I took a self portrait on my beloved Land camera and finally got to use my self timer. It's insanely hectic running around trying to make sure I set everything up right. I had to do this 5 times, but I really like the result. The colors kept on coming out skeezy because the film was old. I forgot that I bought this film 2 summers ago and that's why the film was being unforgiving. I just ran around, googled, adjusted until I ran out of film. 

It's my homage to Mexican haciendas. 

One day, I will have a working scanner. Until then, this will do. I also just got a bunch of 55 film and a handmade wooden pinhole camera. I'm gonna make so much.

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mad said...

when i grow up, i wish to be just like you.

lv, mad