My favorite things of November

My dear boy is in a new band.

This truck has airbrushed artwork of the same truck getting chased by a cop car and a helicopter by a shell station. Bomb.

I bought wool and a drop spindle at Felt Club, which was a beautiful event by the way. I made yarn for the first time ever and it turned out crazy thick and funny looking but it is yarn afterall.

Chris Torres and I went to Intelligencia after trying to go to MOCA for the 3rd time. I finally got to go last weekend, and the Louise Bourgeois show was so fantastic. She had fabric sculptures and fabric collages. It was just amazing. Well, CT and I had fun one day, and that's when the picture was taken.

Raku in class! I rakued a bowl that my dad stole from me. I've got much better at the wheel and throwing or whatever, and made a set of mugs for my family. It's for Christmas!

The knitted blanket Justin bought for me has become one of my favorite blankies ever. It stretches and completly wraps my entire body, and it feels so awesome. I guess Justin likes it too.

I made it a goal to visit a museum every weekend of November. Out of 5 weekends, I went 3 to a museum three weekends. I went to MOCA where we ended up in Little Tokyo having delicious ramen, LACMA twice, once on a Monday, and the Norton Simon. This burger was purchased at LACMA, and it was delicious. Boigas and art. My favorite!

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