Summer is

1. Reading Amelia Bedelia books

2. Roller hockey game at the park

3. Paper cutouts and oil pastels
4. Delicious veggies
5. Bumper car rides
6. Watercolor painting 
7. Art talk with students
8. Decalcomani 
9. Boyfriend wearing t-shirts
10. Swinging from swings
11. Park hopping with friends
12. Vegan truffles
13. Cooking and dinner parties
14. Handmade presents
15. Supersamplers
16. Soda Olympics
17. Wine and cheese parties
18. Cute toesies
19. Guerilla handball
20. Reading children's books
21. Brightly colored accessories 
22. Sparklers and fireworks
23. First attempt at crockpot meal
24. Slide in parking lots
25. Marbleizing paper with shaving cream
26. Outside meals at the harbor
27. Presents and people back from Mexico trips
28. Tanned legs and dresses
29. Funny decorated walls
30. Mexican food!

That's what my summer looks like so far. 

And this is what I look like during windy days in Manhattan Beach.
I don't do much crafting lately, except for work things. Being an art teacher twice a week for kids ages 7-12 is so much fun and rewarding. I really like how all the memories of doing the same crafts always rush back in class. It is pretty much amazing. 

Beach tomorrow!
Washington next week!
Portland the week after!
Back to Washington the week after that!


gillian dreher said...

awwww.. i miss home and i miss you!

yvonne said...

31. coming in to my work for like .5 seconds