My First Quilt!

I finished my first quilt the other day, and the whole experience was very rewarding. Going into this, without research, and not knowing what kind of commitment I needed to have, it was very difficult. But few Mondays ago, I had to end the 4 month long process of not finishing the quilt. My favorite part is that I can actually cuddle with what had been scraps of fabric, and the light that comes through the quilt when I hold it up to the light. I am pretty much infatuated with all the uneven parts, which is pretty much the whole quilt. If I were to do it again, I would definitely plan but right now it's kind of hard to even think about the next one. I wish quilts were easier to make so I can make one everyday, but then I wouldn't feel so good to cuddle with them. And next time, I would definitely make a pattern. For this one, I used self developed quilt making skills and made it according to my assumption of how it was made, rather than planning ahead with research and preparation. I want to do it for real next time!
There's a "detail" shot of my quilt with Frank Farter, our favorite dog toy for our non existent dog. Justin's new house gets lovely light through the windows during the day, so I want to bring everything there to take pictures.

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